ROSA Enterprise Desktop

ROSA Enterprise Desktop is an operating system recommended for use in the corporate environment, designed for workstations with no special security requirements

This product is a combination of the Linux consistency and reliability and our tech support at any moment you’ll need it.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop is technologically compatible with other certified products designed by ROSA company and thus permits to build the infrastructure of any difficulty level with different security circuits.

The distribution is based on the independent repositories which contain packages built in the ROSA’s own distributed environment for building distributions called ABF. Includes full applications suite for everyday work out of the box: mail client, web browser, office suite, instant messaging.

The ROSA company also provides software updates and tech support for the ROSA Enterprise Desktop. For purchasement info please contact

The distribution is compliant with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) requirements which makes it possible to run LSB compatible applications including proprietary and commercial solutions essential to the enterprise users.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop is available in English and Russian.

Software components

The distribution provides a wide range of application software aimed for most common tasks at work: multifunctional office suite, web-browser, e-mail clients, instant messages client, graphical and multimedia software etc.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop

Basic components:

  • Long-term supported Linux kernel
  • The latest relevant KDE4 version together with native ROSA utilities and support for multifactor authorization (2-factor).
  • Firefox-ESR and Chromium browsers
  • Thunderbird e-mail client with integrated Lightning scheduler
  • LibreOffice suite
  • Up-to-date versions of free and proprietary graphic drivers for Intel, Nvidia and AMD cards, support for hybrid graphics (please set up your graphical card options with the  Xfdrake utility)
  • Digikam photo management and Gwenview viewer
  • GIMP and Inkscape image editors for raster and vector graphics
  • ROSA Freeze native ROSA utility for system backing up
  • Audio and video players of all sorts
  • Java Runtime Environment (OpenJDK)
  • Applications aimed for working with Windows (resource sharing, Active Directory accounts authorization) and FreeIPA domain machines
  • …and much much more

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